Tuesday, March 25, 2008

400 ml Spray Can project!

I just sent my Spray Can off to France yesterday! Keep your eyes open for the book of 400 artist from across the country. These artist were chosen to contribute a redesigned Spray Can to be published by Kitchen 93 Gallery. With works from artist 123 Klan,Zeph Farmby, FlowerGuy (USA), Speedy Graphito (FRA), BASK (USA), Jace (FRA), RUIDO (BRA),Jérôme MESNAGER (FRA), *G*(FRA), ASHD (SGP), Jean FAUCHEUR (FRA), L'Atlas (FRA), TomTom (FRA), Roadsworth (CAN), Abe LINCOLN Jr (USA), The London Police (NLD), Space3 (NLD), MORCKY (USA),BUFF MONSTER (USA),SMATIK (DEU), TA55O (DEU), ILK (FRA), KEINOM (DEU), KOMA (FRA), EGR (CAN), LABRONA (CAN),BLADE (FRA), ATOME (AUS), CRASH (USA), ZEVS (FRA), SICKBOY (UK) to name a few. I'll show you a sneak peek after the jump...

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