Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Art Opening in LA @ Alife

This is footage from the Eric Haze "Nov York City" opening in L.A this pass weekend at the Alife store. (Sidebar Pause the video at 1:19 secs there you'll see I signed the Alife/Haze piece book.) LOL!!!! Check out the pic of Haze & myself at the show. he also did me an original inside my piece book ! Good LOOKIN HAZE!

If you're not sure who Eric Haze is or why he's legendary do your history. Here's a short short on him, Haze created logos for Beastie Boys, EPMD & Public Enemy to name a few. But Haze has tons of work that you see all the time and probably never knew who created it.
The show was a dope experience. I'll be back soon.

I jacked this from stevio1.blogspot.com

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