Thursday, June 12, 2008


This morning I was going through my DVR to get caught up on the shows I've missed. I noticed that I had an "ACCESS GRANTED" to watch. It's the making of Nelly's new video. I cant think of the name right now but anyway, At this time I'm eating my early morning bowl of "APPLEJACKS" (LOL) it's like 7 am and I see DJ DRAMA aka MR.THANKSGIVING wearing a SNEAKER FIEND t shirt I designed. That was very surprising to see.I don't mean to sound too geeked up but I'm geeked up! LOL! This shirt can be found in "MAN ALIVE"stores across the U.S.(actually 100 stores) as well as in markets such as Germany, Canada, and Hawaii to name a few. But check out the photos...

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