Friday, October 31, 2008

This chair is DOPE! I had to post it

The Throne Of Weapons chair was made by the Mozambican artist Cristovao Canhavato (Kester) from decommissioned weapons collected since the end of their civil war in 1992. The throne is a product of the Transforming Arms into Tools project - whereby weapons previously used by combatants on both sides are voluntarily exchanged for agricultural, domestic and construction tools.

The components of the throne to some extent reflect the international arms trade, through guns from all over the world. The principal feature is the Russian AK47 rifle but there are also sections from Eastern European, Portuguese and North Korean guns. The throne has an added significance in Africa where carved stools and chairs are symbols of power and prestige. Examples from Ghana, the Congo and Zanzibar, for example, may be seen in the African collections of the British Museum.

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